Friday, September 30, 2011

Can you pass the fashion test?

As I was leaving my room for my psychology exam, I realized how hard it is to find a perfect outfit for tests. I want to be comfy of course, my focus should be on the test, but also, I want to look cute. There's always that cute guy in the back of the classroom that you have your eyes on and you would hate if he saw you in your worn sweats and hoodies (in fact, that's exactly how I met my boyfriend). I also want to dress fast and simply, I probably stayed up all night and I want to seize the last minutes of sleep. So.. what should you wear for a test?
I came up with this adorable outfit that would make me look polished but that would also be super comfy. Leggins, a flowy top, a warm scarf, and of course, the ever-reliable riding boots
What do you think? Are you loyal to your sweats in times of stress/exams?

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